Handmade Custom Knives

Shown here are examples of knives that Gil has made. Some of the knives shown may be one-of-a-kind custom knives that are not available for purchase.

Please visit our ONLINE STORE to order available knives or contact Gil about ordering a custom design.

Alamo Bowie


Iron Mistress


Scagel Hunters



Double Shadow
Amber and Buffalo Horn Handle


Elmer Keith Skinner


Sub-Hilt Fighters

Custom Bowie

Alaskan Hunter


Small Hunters



Medium Hunter


Kenpo Karate Ed Parker Fighting Knife


Hutch Hunter
Double Hollow Grind - Rams Horn Handle

Custom Bowie (Sold)
Fossil Walrus Handle

911 (Not For Sale)
Made from World Trade Center Steel - Scrimshaw by HutcH

Viet Nam Fighter

Chef Knife


Wedding Cake Knives


Early Bowie
Made in Manti, Utah

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