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Gil Hibben with Rambo III Bobblehead Limited Edition


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The past few years have been amazing,  celebrating Gil’s 60th Anniversary making knives in 2017, 30 years with United Cutlery in 2017,  and 30 years since he created the “Rambo III” knife and it debuted in the film, “Rambo III” in 1988..   With a great Facebook group called “ I Collect Gil Hibben Knives”  and over 10,000 followers on the Hibben Knives Facebook page,  Gil and Linda have enjoyed feeling the love of their collectors.  

That is what made them decide to make 240 bobbleheads of Gil,  so that their collectors and fans can have a "little Gil” even if they can’t afford one of his custom made knives.   This Limited bobblehead features Gil Hibben holding his famous “Rambo III Knife”! 

Fun stuff…..Enjoy

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