Handmade vs. Replicas

There is sometimes confusion regarding Gil Hibben's handmade knives vs. lower cost replicas mass-produced overseas.

All of the knives for sale on www.hibbenknives.com are handmade by Gil Hibben in his shop in LaGrange, kentucky USA using high quality materials. 

Gil does license some of his designs exclusively to Bud K / United Cutlery. They manufacture lower cost replicas for sale through authorized dealers. Yes, Gil Hibben's name, logo and/or likeness may be used on the packaging and promotion of the items but please notice that it says designed by Gil Hibben. All issues regarding Bud K or United Cutlery products should be directed to United® Cutlery Corporation, 475 US Hwy 319 S, Moultrie, GA 31768  Phone 1-800-548-0835. Hibben Knives does not sell, repair or replace United Cutlery Products.

Also be aware that there are many counterfeit fakes on the market made by unscrupulus parties without the consent or authorization of Hibben Knives. We do make an effort to stop unauthorized use of our designs and our name but the counterfeiters are often impossible to track down.


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