Star Trek

Shown here are examples of knives that Gil has made. Some of the knives shown may be one-of-a-kind custom knives that are not available for purchase.

Please visit our ONLINE STORE to order available knives or contact Gil about ordering a custom design.

Many of you may not know that Gil Hibben is the official "Klingon Armorer" and he designed the edged weapons use by the Klnigons and others in the Star Trek movies. If you visit the "Star Trek Experience" in the Hiltom Hotel in Las Vegas you will see many of his knives on display.

If you buy the "Generations" DVD, one of the added features is about Gil and the knives he designed for the Star Trek Movies.

A modified version of Gil's "Jackal" knife is seen above. Below is one of the actual knives used in the movies. The blade was painted for photographic purposes.

More of Gil's "Star Trek" weapons


The original bat'leth "The Sword of Kahless"

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