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Sly's Hibben III FOLDER!

So Gil and Sylvester Stallone (Sly) are talking one day and they decide that Gil should make a special signature knife for Sly. Gil suggests making a lockback folding knife based on Gil's famous knife Sly used in the movie "Rambo III". Now this was a big knife so it's going to be a big folder!

Gil made 2 prototypes and sent them to Sly.


This thing is HUGE! It measures nearly 15 inches opened, 8 1/2 inches closed and weighs in at over 2 lb.


Sly liked the idea but they decided to make a couple of design changes so Sly returned the prototypes and signed the blade of #1 (which Gil is keeping in his personal collection).


Prototype #2 will be offered on Ebay. (#2 was not signed by Sly).

Gil set to work on the new design.





The new design is about 1/2 inch shorter, has a more elegant rear bolster and a more streamlined handle. It is 14 inches overall length opened and has a blade 6 inches long, 2 inches wide and 3/16 inch thick of mirror polished 440C stainless steel. The liners and bolsters are stainless steel. The handles are black micarta with imitation ivory inlays suitable for scrimshaw or personalizing. It weighs in at 2 lb.


 Sly ordered 2 prototypes of the new model to give to his co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis during the filming of Sly's upcoming movie "The Expendables" (due to be released in 2010). He had Schwarzenegger's  knife personalized to say "To Commando from Rambo" referring their respective movie characters.



Although a little smaller than the original first two prototypes, this is still a massive folder.


Here it is shown with a full size Rambo III


Sly agreed to endorse the new design for a limited number of 25 handmade knives to be offered for sale to the public so we are proud to introduce SLY'S HIBBEN III FOLDER! These will be available soon and made to order. Only 25 will be made. They will be individually serial numbered xx of 25, come with a special certificate of authenticity hand signed by both Gil Hibben and Sylvester Stallone and a special padded customized zipper case.

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