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Gil Hibben
Human Prototype
Photo By Derek Hibben
Expendables Toothpick
Handmade Prototype
Rambo III
Handmade Prototype
Photo By M. Carter
Star Trek Armorer
Paramount Pictures
Expendables Bowie
Handmade Prototype
Rambo III Bowie
Handmade Prototype
Photos by Mike Carter
Klingon Armorer
Handmade Prototypes

Arguably the most prolific knife maker in this country's history

Gil pioneered the use of 440c as blade steel that he forged from round stock before he was able to get a manufacturer to make him flat stock and was the first to have a successful mirror polish on knife blades. 

He was one of the first in the knife industry to have a successful licensing agreement with United Cutlery who continues to produce affordable replicas of his designs since 1988.

Hibben Knives are handcrafted by Gil Hibben himself (now assisted by his sons Wesley & Derek) who has been designing and hand-crafting knives since 1957.  Hibben Knives represent only the finest in materials and craftsmanship and are available to own for utility, collectability and for legacy.  A recent knife fan summarized the Hibben legend in these words:

“Let’s face it. Anything made by Mr. Hibben is an ‘heirloom’ piece that can be used everday and passed on for generations. Bladesmiths of his skill and stature are far and few between and we should all thank him for his dedication to an ancient and honored profession.”

Whether you have been attracted to Hibben Knives because of his original designs, his collaboration fantasy pieces with Artist Paul Ehlers, his many custom knives used on screen in Rambo III & IV or the blockbuster franchise The Expendables or because of his distinguished position as the Official Armourer of the Klingon Empire for the Star Trek franchise, Gil Hibben has created and carried trends and has had an instrumental and undeniable effect of the knife industry as it is today.  We encourage you to explore Gil’s world and, if you’re so inclined, claim a ‘heirloom’ for your own family.

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