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Would you like to know what your Hibben knife is worth?  This is probably our most asked question and an impossible one to answer. Any collectibles' value is simply what a collector is willing to pay at any given time and that can change from day to day. The best way to determine what a collectible is worth is to watch what they are selling for at the auction sites such as Ebay or at some of the online knife forums. That in no way guarantees that your knife will sell for the same price but it is the best way to gauge what collectors are typically paying for specific models. We honestly do not follow what our knives are selling for on the secondary market so we cannot answer this question.

Hibben Knives is not affiliated with United Cutlery other than we have licensed some of our designs to them. United Cutlery is responsible for all manufacturing, distribution and warranty issues relating to their products. Hibben Knives cannot repair or replace United Cutlery products.

Hibben Knives
is NOT affiliated in any way with Master Cutlery or Hollywood Collectables and has NOT licensed or otherwise authorized them to reproduce Hibben designs.

SHIPPING NOTICE: Hibben Knives will try our best to ship our products anywhere. However, international shipping of knives can be a problem when shipping to certain countries that incorrectly classify knives as "weapons". We have experienced problems shipping to Canada, Germany and Australia. Since we cannot possibly keep track of all of the ever-changing laws for every country, it is the BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY to check your local and national laws regarding the legal PURCHASE, ownership and/or importation of knives. If you order from us and the order is confiscated by customs officials, the BUYER ASSUMES ALL RISK AND LIABILITY.

Frequently Asked Questions:  In order to cut down on the amount of phone calls & emails we get with repeated questions, please look at our FAQ page to see if your question is answered there BEFORE calling or sending email.  Thank you.

Hibben Knives does not sell, repair, or replace United Cutlery products. If you need assistance with a United Cutlery product, please contact the seller or United Cutlery.  Hibben Knives only sells handmade custom knives.

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