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Gil Hibben signed a licensing agreement with United Cutlery in 1987 for United to reproduce Hibben Knives designs. Since then United has produced a huge variety of designs by Hibben Knives from simple throwing knives to fantasy art pieces to folders, hunting skinng and Kenpo karate. The Hibben line is hugely collectible due to the uniqueness of the designs and Hibben Knives history dating back to 1956.

We are sorry but Hibben Knives cannot repair or replace United Cutlery products. Gil Hibben licensed his designs to United Cutlery but has no control over the manufacture, distribution or repair of those products. You will need to contact United Cutlery about warranty repairs.

United Cutlery Hibben Knives Model Chart

Year Title Model # FPR # Run Gold # Run Anomalies
2017 60th Anniversary Legend GH5052   unknown  
2017 MKV Fighter GH5051A 600    
2012 Cody Bowie Gold Edition GH5035G   1000  
2012 Cody Bowie GH5034A 3000    
2012 GenX Pro Thrower Triple Set Large GH5029      
2012 Competition Throwing Knife Triple Set GH2033      
2011 Eclipse Bowie Damascus GH5024G   1000  
2011 Eclipse Bowie GH5023A 3000    
2010 Valiant Sword GOLD GH5021G   900  
2010 Valiant Sword Damascus GH5021D   100  
2010 Valiant Sword GH5020A 1400    
2009 Dragon's Lair Sword GOLD GH5016   1500  
2009 Old West Bowie GH5013      
2009 Serrated Pro Tailwind Folder GH5012      
2009 Pro Tailwind Folder GH5011      
2009 Gentlemans Belt Buckle Knife GH5010      
2009 Survival Belt Buckle Knife GH5009      
2009 Dragon's Lair Sword FPR GH5006A 3000    
2008 Hibben IV Combat Machete GH5008      
2008 Hibben IV Combat Machete GH5008      
2008 Hibben IV (Rambo IV) Forged Machete GH5007      
2008 Hibben IV Forged Machete GH5007      
2008 Hibben III (Rambo III) Fighter GH5005      
2008 Warrior Throwing Axe GH5004      
2008 Large Triple Warrior Set GH5003      
2008 Small Triple Warrior Set GH5002      
2008 Hibben HTF Recon GH5001      
2008 Hibben III (Rambo III) GH201      
2008 Small Triple Thrower Set GH0458      
2008 Large Triple Thrower Set GH0455      
2008 Double Shadow Re-release GH0453 ?    2
2008 Silver Shadow Re-release GH0441 ?    1
2007 The Immortal Gold GH2041   1500  
2007 The Immortal GH2040A 3000    
2005 Pro Guide Hunter - Guthook Blade GH-2039      
2005 Titan Dagger GOLD GH2037   1500  
2005 Titan Dagger GH2036A 3000    
2004 Centurion Dagger GOLD GH2031GDNB   1500  
2004 Centurion Dagger GH2030A 3000    
2004 Elite Collection #2 GH2024 1500    
2004 Elite Collection #1  GH2016 1000    
2003 Claw II GH-2028-SSNB      
2003 Claw II Micarta Grip GH-2028-MCNB      
2003 Alaskan Pro Guide Folder GH2027MCNB      
2003 Eye Of Drakonus Bowie GOLD  GH2026   2000  
2003 Eye Of Drakonus Bowie GH2025A 5000    
2002 Tiger Shark Bowie GOLD GH2015   2000  
2002 Tiger Shark Bowie GH2014-A 7500    
2001 Generation 2 Pro Thrower Axe GH-2013      
2001 Generation 2 Pro-Folder Grey GH2012-GH      
2001 Generation 2 Pro-Folder Black GH2012-BH      
2001 Generation 2 Pro-Folder GH2012      
2001 Generation 2 Large Triple Set GH-2011      
2001 Scorpion Bowie Knife GOLD GH2010   2000  
2001 Scorpion Bowie Knife GH2009A 7500    
2001 Generation 2 Pro Thrower Combo GH-2007      
2001 Generation 2 Pro Thrower GH-2006      
2000 Rambo III Special Edition UC-1238 5000    
2000 Rambo Knife Collector Set MI2000-USC 1000    
2000 Negotiator II GH-2008      
2000 Gryffin Dagger GOLD GH2001   2000  
2000 Gryffin Dagger GH2000A 7500    
1999 Pro Guide Hunter UC-1203      
1999 Jackal Bowie Knife GOLD UC-1170   1500  
1999 Jackal Bowie Knife UC-1169A 7500    
1999 Generation 2 Small Triple Set (3 * GH-2002) GH-2005      
1999 Hibben Thrower Combo (1 * GH-2002 1 * GH-2003) GH-2004      
1999 Generation 2 Large Thrower GH-2003      
1999 Generation 2 Small Thrower GH-2002      
1999 Thrower II Triple Set GH-0455-CSNB      
1998 Kenpo II & Claw Combo UC-1168-CL      
1998 Kenpo Karate II UC-1168      
1998 10th Anniversary Rambo III UC-1162 5000    
1998 Odyssey Bowie Knife GOLD UC-1116   1500  
1998 Odyssey Bowie Knife UC-1115 7500    
1998 Gold Double Shadow SM-453-G 750    
1998 Double Shadow Gold Blade        
1997 Hornet Dagger GOLD UC-986   1500  
1997 Hornet Dagger UC-985 7500    
1997 Kenpo Karate Knife UC-950 1500    
1997 Pro Folder UC-945 1500    
1997 Hornet Sword UC-1099      
1997 Hornet Sword GOLD UC-1098   1000  
1996 Cord Grip Triple Thrower Set (3 * UC-946) UC-949      
1996 Cord Grip Thrower Combo (1 * UC-946 1 * UC-947) UC-948      
1996 Cord Grip Thrower II Triple Set UC-947CSNB      
1996 Cord Grip Thrower II UC-947      
1996 Cord Grip Thrower 1 UC-946      
1996 Claw UC-935 1500    
1996 Claw UC-933      
1996 Dragon Lord GOLD Black Grip UC-928   1000  
1996 Dragon Lord GOLD Maroon Grip UC-898-G   1500  
1996 Dragon Lord European Short Guard UC-898-E      
1996 Dragon Lord UC-898 7500    
1996 Dragon Lord 40th Anniversary UC-898 750    
1996 Knife Throwing Guide UC-882      
1995 Pro Thrower Combo (1*UC-879, 1*UC880) UC-881      
1995 Pro-Thrower I UC-880      
1995 Pro Thrower UC-879      
1995 Pro Thrower Axe Black UC-866B 750    
1995 Pro Thrower Axe UC-866 750    
1995 Warbird Dagger GOLD UC-852-KD   1000  
1995 Warbird Bowie Knife GOLD UC-852-KB   1000  
1995 Warbird Bowie Knife UC-851 7500   6
1995 Warbird Dagger UC-850 7500   6
1994 Raptor Bowie Knife Mortal Kombat UC-750-MK 7500   5
1994 Raptor Bowie Knife GOLD UC-750-G   1500  
1994 Raptor Bowie Knife UC-750 7500    
1994 Double Shadow GOLD SM-453-G   500-750? 2
1993 Silver Shadow II UC-751      
1993 Raven Bowie Knife GOLD UC-700-G   1000  
1993 Raven Bowie Knife UC-700 3000   4
1993 Highlander Bowie Knife Black UC-627-B 750   3
1993 Silent Shadow UC-521      
1993 Double Shadow BLACK UC-453-B 3500   2
1992 Highlander Bowie knife UC-627 750   3
1992 Highlander Bowie knife No Pommel nut UC-627     3
1992 Presentation Dagger UC-466      
1992 Dark Shadow UC-441-DS      
1991 Thrower Tripple Set (3 * UC-454) UC-458      
1991 Thrower Combo UC-457      
1991 Thrower III UC-456      
1991 Thrower II UC-455      
1991 Thrower 1 UC-454      
1991 Double Shadow Gold UC-453-G      
1991 Double Shadow UC-453     2
1991 Thrower II Triple Set GH-455CSNB      
1990 Silver Shadow Black  UC-441-B      
1990 Silver Shadow - HOFFRITZ marked blade UC-441     1
1990 Silver Shadow UC-441     1
1988 Miniature Rambo III UC-246      
1988 Rambo III Dagger UC-245      
1988 Rambo III Bowie UC-201      
1. Silver Shadow - 3 variants to date
There was the regular edition and a special edition by HOFFRITZ
2. Double Shadow – 5 variants to date
 regular, black, Black FPR, gold blade and special edition HOFFRITZ
GoldBlade versions were made by Smokey Mountain Knife Works
3. Highlander Bowie Knife 
The original run had the pommel nut, 750 of these were FPR marked and numbered. 
Some original Highlanders have been found that do have a FPR marking but no serial number
The second run had no pommel nut, no FPR
Third run were black chromed with 750 of them numbered but no FPR marked
4. Raven Bowie knife – FPR marked and numbered to 3000
5. Raptor Bowie Knife Mortal Kombat – 7500 of these were numbered but not FPR marked
6. Warbird Bowie & Dagger – There have heard rumors of a run of 1200 FPR marked knives but the origin or reason for them is unknown
7. Dragon Lord Bowie Knife – To date we have found 8 variants
Regular run, FPR run of 7500
Gold with black grip, 1st run of gold version numbered to 1000
Gold with maroon grip, 2nd run numbered to 1500
European Model with shortened D guard, quantity made, unknown
40th anniversary model, run of 750
Edge Company “Special Series” run of 400
FPR – First Production Run (signature edition)
A – an A after a model number signifies “Autographed” edition which is a FPR edition
Misc Information:
A set of Dark Guard Series were made by Smokey Mountain Knife works. 
(includining Silver shadow(black), Double shadow(black), highlander (black), raven, raptor, warbird bowie and warbird dagger)
One run of 500 units is marked Collectors Matched Set
One run of 250 units is marked Signature Edition-First Production Run- 1of 250
 "Internet Exclusive Bronze editions" Knives
Bronze 70th birthday highlander
Bronze Raptor Knife
Bronze Dragon Lord Knife 
Bronze Hornet Dagger
Bronze Odyssey Bowie Knife
Each of these runs had 15 knives, 14 serial numbered and 1 prototype, they came with a signed and serial numbered display stand and all but the Highlander came with COAs
Display Stands:
The first display stands for gold versions was for the raven in 1993
The first stand for a non gold knife was for the warbird in 1995
They have made stands for both regular and gold editions ever since althought they have all been discontinued.
The Edge Company made a select run of Hibben knives all marked The Edge Company. Knives that I have seen with this have been a Dragon lord and it is rumored that they had some silver shadows.
I purchased a regular edition Raven Bowie and in the box was a card from The Edge Company Onyx Club, it says “Special Onyx Customer Series Gil Hibben Raven Dagger & Raven Stiletto Set Special Autograph Edition 1993” The knife had no special markings and even Gil and Linda do not know what a Raven stiletto would be.
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